Jewellery to pahadis has always been more than just ornaments for adorning the bodies. The jewelries speak of tradition, the rich history of our state and the change that our state and our community have been through.

Nature has always inspired the pahadi jewelry designs. The early civilizations used flowers, leaves, twigs and vines to create natural jewellery to adorn their bodies. The different regions of Uttarakhand have blended their designs with the nature designs and as a result we get a wide range of different designs.

The flowers and leaves, vines and twigs are a common sight in our jewelry. But, what one will find interesting is that these designs come in such different styles that they all seem extremely unique.

If you have ever visited the hills, you must have seen Pahari ladies wearing traditional jewellery pieces such as Bulaq (gold or silver nose ring), Kundal (gold or silver earrings), Paunje (silver anklets) etc. The extravagant gold necklaces such as Hansuli, Chandan Haar, and Galobandh are also worn with great pride.

But with time, these jewellery pieces are losing their identity as Pahadi women are getting more inclined towards the contemporary modern designs and the traditional jewellery pieces have become a rare sight.



Nathuli or Nath is the charm of Pahari women, which is hailed for its elegant style. It is worn by the women of Garhwal, Kumaon and Jaunsar-Bawar region of Uttarakhand. However, the style and design may differ in both the region, but its charisma remains the same. The nath or nose ring of a bride is the star attraction during the wedding.

Tehri Nath celebrated for its artistic design is one of the most distinguished ornament of Uttarakhand which is worn at the time of marriage, social gatherings, puja and at important family functions. This large piece of jewelry not only showcases the rich culture of Garhwal but it has also become a fashion statement which attracts a lot of Pahari as well as non-Pahari brides to wear it.

2- Bulaq

An ornament for the nose, bulaq is made of gold and is known for the intricately crafted motifs on it. Traditionally worn by the newly married women of Kumaon, Jaunsar, and Garhwal, it was considered an important piece of jewellery gifted by the bride’s family. In the remote hilly areas of Chamoli and Pithoragarh, bulak is still quite common to be seen worn by the women.

3- Pahunchi

This is one of the most beautiful and unique jewellery of uttrakhand.Pahunchi are basically kind of bangles which are made out of gold and are quite popular in both Garhwal and Kumaon region of Uttarakhand.

In Kumaon, Pahunchi is considered to be an auspicious jewel for the married women and is worn at the time of festivals and important family functions.A red coloured cloth is used as the base material on which the pure gold pearls are studded. The colour red is used as it is considered to be propitious for married women.

4- Galobandh

Pahadi Guloband can define by its own name by separating in two words one is ‘Gala’ and the second one is “bandh”. It means prominent Jewellery of Uttarakhand culture worn around the neck by Uttarakhandi women.

In regional language commonly known as Galabandh’ and it is one of the prominent jewellery of Kumaoni culture. This is an elite neck piece which is donned by Kumaoni, Garhwali, Bhotiya and Jaunsari women.

The Galobandh as the name suggests is tied around the neck and is only worn by the married women. The uniqueness of Galobandh is that it is designed on a red belt, on which the golden square shaped jewellery pieces are beautifully arranged with the help of a thread.


Hansuli, also known by the name of ‘Khagwali’ is a choker necklace.Usually clutched around the neck, it is one of the most famous ornaments of Garhwal,and is worn by Garhwali, Kumaoni, Jaunsari, and Bhotiya women.

Apart from this, hansuli gives the eye-catching look to women during the wedding and festive occasions.Hansuli or Khagwali exudes the charm and beauty of Pahari women. People with a good financial status adorn a gold hansuli while the less affluent or poor people adorn a silver hansuli.

Women usually wear Hansuli during festivals, weddings, social gatherings, and important family functions.


This is a heavy necklace known as timanya, and is traditionally worn by gadhwali, jaunsari, bhotia and kumaoni women as a sign of married status. It consists of large golden beads at center which are hanged on red or green chains of  small glass beads. The traditional colours for the glass beads  are either vermillion red or bright green. Red is the most common colour, since both red and pink are associated with good luck and fertility.


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