In India sweets are special part of meals. No meal is complete without desserts. Uttarakhand is no less when it comes to expressing their love for sweets. Every pooja, festival and any occasion are unfinished without mouth watering desserts.

Although there is a big list of sweet delights loved in Uttrakhand but here are 10 famous sweets from Land of God that can make your cravings go crazy.


Bal Mithai of Kumaon region, especially around Almora. It is basically a brown chocolate fudge coated with sugar balls that enhances the taste and appearance of the sweet. It is believed that this sweet was invented by Lala Joga Ram Shah of Lal Bazar Almora in early 20th century.


Singauri is widely known sweet in Uttrakhand. It is made with khoya and wrapped in Maalu leaf. It is a cone shaped sweet and is available in Almora.


Different from any other rice kheer, this dessert is made with “Jhangora” a type of millet grown in Uttrakhand. It is an inseparable part of Garhwali cuisines.


Roat is a sacred meal mainly prepared at the time of pooja and other auspicious occasions, and served as Prasad. It is a fried thick round shaped shallow bread made up of wheat flour mixed with milk and jaggery.


It is a sweet snack made of semolina and jaggery famous in both Kumaon and Garhwal regions. It is also one of sacred meals offered as Prasad during pooja and other holy occasions.


Arsa is one of the most popular sweets in the garhwal region. It is especially prepared during wedding occasions. No festival or occasion is complete without this dessert. It is low in calories and high in taste so one can eat it without worrying a lot about diet and calorie count.


Khajoor is a fried diamond shaped cookie made with wheat flour, semolina, fennel seeds and jaggery. It is served in cultural events and festivals, especially at the time of Ghughuti festival.


Singhal is also one of the celebrated sweets in Uttrakhand. It is a deep fried snack like khoya, jalebi of Madhya Pradesh made with samolina, yogurt and jaggery. It is also one of the sacred meals served during Pooja in Kumaon region. It is served with authentic pahadi kheera raita as best combination.

9. SEH

Seh is a type of Kumaoni Halwa specially made on the occasion of Bhitauli. It is a total different experience for halwa lovers as unlike other halwas it is made of rice flour, semolina and sugar/jaggery marinated in yogurt and made with lots of ghee. It is very much loved in all over Kumaon.


As it is very much clear with its name ‘chocolate‘ is also one of the famous sweet delights of Kumaon. It is basically chocolate fudge in cubical shape made of khoya and sugar. It is a sweet that stays fresh for a good long time, so it is a trend for visitors to take it as a visiting gift whenever visiting Kumaon.

We hope this article made you crave for, these mouth watering sweets of Uttrakhand. Plan a visit to Uttrakhand when things will get normal and experience this sweet paradise of Uttrakhand.

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