Dodital is located to the north of Uttarkashi. The trek for Dodital begins from Uttarkashi or Kalyani, both  approachable by road. Kalyani to Agoda is a gradual climb through woods, fields and villages along a  mule track. The trek from Agoda to Dodital is steep and through thick forests. The Yamunotri stretch of  the trek is possible only during the summer.  

Blessed with elevated grassland that is bedded with snow during the winters, gurgling streams, dense  alpine forest and rich variety of flowers, the Dodital Trek is one of the picturesque treks in the Garhwal  Himalayan region. The trek originates from the Bhagirathi valley, which is nestled at an altitude of 1,350  meters, and passes through a mysterious forest and ascends gently to a lofty height of 4,150 meters to  Darwa Top. Dodital is often dubbed Ganesh-ka-Tal and is considered as one of the sacred lakes in the  Garhwal Himalayan region as it is believed that it is the birthplace of Lord Ganesha, one of the Hindu  deities. The captivating natural ambiance surrounding the serene lake is ideal for camping overnight.The  Dodital Trek, which is also one of the winter treks in the Indian Himalayan region starts from  Sangamchatti and heads to Agoda village nestled at an altitude of 2,250 meters. The trail passes through  the river Asi Ganga and is followed by gentle ascends and descends and passes through a secluded  village, Bhebra. From Agoda, a 16 kilometers journey that passes through the beautiful forest of  Rhododendron leads to Manjhi, which is tucked at a mighty height. It offers such an environment that  forms a haven for trekkers to camp overnight. The trek from Manjhi turns towards Dodital, which Is  approximately 6 kilometers away and is located at a height of 3,307 meters. The sprawling natural  beauty, refreshing climate and tranquil water of the freshwater lake make camping here an absolute  bliss. Further, a walk of 5 kilometers to Darwa Top that passes through narrow gorges, birch forest,  rocky colonies, and involves a series of rivulets takes you to the stunning Bandarpunch peak and  Swargarohini range. 

The Dodital Trek, which is undertaken all throughout the year, is considered as one of the easy to  moderate treks in the Garhwal Himalayan region that is located in Uttarakhand; the duration of the trail  is approximately 7 – 8 days. During the winter season much of the trail has to be done over a thick bed  of snow that expunged after crossing the village of Agoda. 

The easy walk along the trail to Dodital, through dense forest, grasslands on the mountain slope, by the  river gorges and remote hamlets, reaches the climax at the Darwa Top.  

Best Time to Visit 

Best time to travel to Dodital Darwa Pass is in summers (April – June) and winters (Oct – Dec). Winter  treks are also conducted in the months between January and March. 


The weather of Dodital Darwa Pass remains salubrious and pleasing during summers. The Himalayas are  distinctly visible and the cool breeze adds charm to the vacation. Carry light woolens with you. 


Dodital Darwa turns greener during the monsoon season. Although trekking becomes challenging and  there are chances of getting roads blocked for a couple of hours due to landslides, the scenic beauty  during monsoons is worth taking the risk for. Carrying raincoats is advised. 


The region gets blanketed in snow during the winter season and the accommodation options are also  restricted to few. But Dodital Darwa looks the best during winters and indeed the trek becomes more  difficult. Carrying heavy woolens is advised. 


• Crystal Clear Lake and Himalayan trout 

• Verdant Valley: Asi Ganga Valley, Bhagirathi Valley and Yamuna Valley 

• Snow capped Himalayan Peaks: Bandarpunch peak and Swargarohini Peak • Low altitude trek with gorges, spectacular views, multiple hues 

• Dazzling variation in scenery 

• Lush green meadows and thick forests 

• Rare glimpses of an ancient culture of local people. 


• Height of the trek: 13,300 feet 

• Difficulty level: Easy to Moderate 

• Age group: 12-45 years 

• Trek distance: 25.5 Km (one way) 

How to Reach: 

By Air 

Jolly Grant Airport is the airport serving Dehradun, located about 25 km from the city. There is a daily  flight from Delhi to Dehradun. 

By Train 

Take the overnight train to Dehradun from Delhi 

Nandadevi Express – Train no: 12205 (Departure 11:50 pm; Arrival – 5:40 am) Dehradun Express – Train no: 12687 (Departure – 9:10 pm; Arrival – 5:00 am) 

By Road

There is regular bus service from Delhi for Dehradun from Delhi ISBT Kashmere Gate. Usually buses drop  you at Dehradun ISBT. From there you have to come to Dehradun Railway Station. 

Vehicles are available for pick-up from Dehradun Railway Station at 6:30am. 

One can reach Uttarkashi by 2:00 pm.

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